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Photo of 602009 Pair of Gray Silicone Thermo Grips

602009 Silicone Thermo Grips 2 Piece Handle Protectors Berndes

  • $ 2099
  • Save $ 10

Treat yourself to a pair of Silicone Thermo Grips by Berndes. Whether you're removing your pot from the stove, transferring it into or out of the oven or simply moving to another stove burner, the Silicone Thermo Grips will provide a firm grip on all cast handles. 

  • Grey, silicone Thermo Grips are dishwasher safe
  • Curved edges of Thermo Grips fit seamlessly on all Berndes cast handle products
  • Includes two Thermo Grips
  • Suitable for all Berndes cast (moulded) pot handles
  • Safe to 450*F (230*C)
  • Made in Vietnam

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