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Since being founded in 1921, BERNDES has repeatedly revolutionized the market.  Continuous development of new and improved coating techniques and manufacturing processes has led BERNDES products to become a success in the cookware market.  BERNDES revolutionized the market in 1950 with the introduction of the first non-stick aluminium cooking utensil.  This is a milestone in the history of the company!

Numerous patents followed, such as the BONANZA® pan in 1976 (known as Tradtion™ in the U.S.), made from non-stick coated cast aluminium with a rustic wooden handle. A real cult classic that over four decades has shown that customers can rely on BERNDES quality back then, just as they do today. 

Today, BERNDES offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the most diverse of demands and requirements.  All in uncompromisingly good quality.

In 2009, BERNDES teamed up with Range Kleen Manufacturing to make BERNDES readily available to the U.S. market.  Range Kleen has teamed up with BERNDES Cookware (Made in Germany) and Moneta Cookware (Made in Italy) to deliver quality, value, innovation and a heritage of caring for the consumer to the U.S. market.


What's better than preparing and enjoying a meal with family or friends?  But cooking is not just an event.  It is above all about working with the best ingredients, because sustainable cooking and an awareness of healthy nutrition is finding ever increasing importance.

Ingredients should be natural and wholesome.  It is important what goes into the pan - and where the pan comes from.  BERNDES has its roots firmly in the Sauerland Region and its products couldn't be more characteristic: reliable, durable with robust quality.

BERNDES places particular value on sustainability and safety of its products.  kitchen utensils from BERNDES come from controlled production facilities in Germany, are durable, free from hazardous materials and 100% recyclable.

We hope you enjoy your BERNDES cookware as much as we do!