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Make a Decadent Dinner For Your Valentine

Posted by Whitney Bashaw on

Famous departed Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said "There is no love sincerer than the love of food" and he was right. People love to eat. Especially on holidays and special occasions. The Huffington Post reports that an average of $286.56 is spent across the US on Valentine's Dinner. That's a lot of dough! The most popular cuisine eaten is Italian, followed by American cuisine and lastly French cuisine.

Restaurant dining experiences on Valentine's Day can have excessive wait times, may be overcrowded and sometimes do not provide the ambiance you're hoping for. If you'd like to treat your loved one to a special dinner at home sans waiting times, check out these renowned recipes. 

10 Minute Perfect Broiled Lobster Tails will blow you away with its decadence. The lobster meat is juicy, tender and melts in your mouth. 

 Equally decadent yet more time intensive is this Garlic Butter Herb Prime Rib which takes about an hour to cook and is absolutely worth the wait. 

Pair with an aphrodisiac such as Pan Fried Asparagus to please your Valentine, while adding a pop of color to your plate. Hopefully, you'll cook it in your favorite Berndes Fry Pan

To create a romantic ambiance set the table for two, dim the lights and dine by candlelight. For a rich dessert, try Molten Lava Cake

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