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Practicing Gratitude

Posted by Whitney Bashaw on

Image of drawn turkey with gratitude sentiments

November is a time when many share their gratitude. Some choose to share by posting on social media, others jot down their blessings in a journal and some simply keep a list rolling in their heads. How do you express gratitude? 

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - G. K. Charleston. In addition to the mental aspects, gratitude is scientifically proven to benefit us physically, according to a 2015 article from Newsweek. According to Newsweek grateful people experience better and longer sleep, have increased self esteem, and increased resilence (reducing post-traumatic stress disorder). In addition, gratitude increases and promotes empathy, according to the article. We're more likely to be sensitive and empathetic to others when we express gratitude.

If you're wondering how to cultivate gratitude, you've come to the right place. Sometimes it's a struggle to think of things to be grateful for during challenges and rough days. Here are a few ways to cultivate gratitude:

Jot down things you are grateful for in a journal, or on scraps of paper and save them in a jar. When you need some cheering, read through your list or pull out a few gratitude scraps. 

Write a thank you note to someone to express your gratitude for all that they contribute to your life.

Bake some goodies for local first responders, hospital staff, nursing home residents, or a  neighbor. 

Pray if you are religious. 

Think of people you are grateful for. 

Spend time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Give back. Volunteer your time, donate your money or utilize your resources to help others.

Discuss with loved ones what you're grateful for. Family dinners are a great time to bring up this topic. 

Share gratitude on social media.  

We hope this post on gratitude will inspire you to share and engage your loved ones in practicing and sharing gratitude, during the weeks to come and hope it will carry forward into the new year. 

This holiday season, we are grateful for you. 





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