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Thanksgiving Is Almost Here!

Posted by Whitney Bashaw on

In a little over a week, you'll be gathering around the table with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. Are you ready? 

 Have you deep cleaned your kitchen?
Tested your small appliances? 
Confirmed the headcount?
Planned the menu?
Written the grocery list? 
Discussed travel arrangements with houseguests? 
Washed towels and linens? 
Checked your cookware to be sure you have what you need?
For those cooking a smaller meal,  a turkey breast should roast nicely in the  695964 SignoCast Nonstick Multi-Purpose Roaster! If you're looking for instructions, here's a great recipe for Extremely Slow-Roasted Turkey from The Washington Post. You'll find a few recipes for easy, simple and delicious Thanksgiving sides here: Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts,  Sweet Potato Casserole, Maple Glazed Carrotsand of course, Pumpkin Pie
Do you err on the side of caution when it comes to cooking for a crowd? Do you end up with way too many leftovers? Whether you're cooking for four or sixteen, you'll likely find this Thanksgiving Portion Guide for food and drink from The Food Network to be useful. 
Stay tuned for more tips on how to pull off a great Thanksgiving! 

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